Episode # 10: Dawson’s Creek “Pilot”

Dawson’s Creek pilot episode “Pilot”

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the late 90’s WB coming of age teen dramedy Dawson’s Creek will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode

Show Notes

{1:00} Episode Intro and Announcements: Mo is offically a co-hoister for Pilots and Petards Podcast. Drew tried to be Andy. How did that go? Review us on iTunes and you can pick one of our next shows! First reviewed, first served! Check our list of upcoming episodes.

{1:50} Background: Dawson’s Creek (DC) was picked by our reviewer and O.G. listener Rebecca. DC was the only show Rebecca ever watched religiously. She loved how real the characters were while being in the most ridiculous circumstances. She identified with Joey as always being the best friend and never the girlfriend. Rebecca wonders if everyone feels less than in high school because the popular students didn’t seem that way. Now she turns to PnP to get outsider views.

{4:02} Sixty Sec Summary:

{5:00} High Points: Dawson’s necklace; the dialogue and Mo’s nostalgia boner; and Ms. Hottie.

{16:05} Low Points: Dawson; Joey’s rowing; and Jen.

{32:55} Crabman Award: By unanimous decision, Bessie Potter.

{39:10} MVPs: By unanimous decision, Joey Potter.

{43:08} Dangling Threads: Student/teacher relationships; consent; and Rebecca’s question about high school.

{1:00:43} Watch or Rewatch: Mo would if she had more time. Drew is watching it probably right now with Tori. Jimbo nah.

{1:02:48} To Hoist or Not to Hoist?: unanimous not hoist.

{1:05:40} Petardar:

{1:07:51} Next Week: Episode #11 Wonderfalls from our reviewer Steve. Click here to see our following weeks .

{1:08:08} Plugs: Pilots and Petards official closing music is an instrumental Entheos remix of Alive. Official ad background music mixed by Jake Drew. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or join our facebook group.

{1:12:46} Reviews:

{1:09:30} JAM Sess (Shop Talk 2.0): Moana’s amatureness revisited. Eagle Point High Schoolers and that punk that groped 7th grade Mo.

21 thoughts on “Episode # 10: Dawson’s Creek “Pilot”

Add yours

  1. Dawson was my mvp. He is a good looking kid, and well focused. He has a career pathway, he’s honest, has morals and scruples.

    Jen is my second mvp because she has spunk, and is not afraid to speak her peace.

    Joey is an asshole, and she makes ugly faces. She is rude and vulgar. After 14 years, she wouldn’t give Dawson any play and now she is jealous.


  2. Hey Petardsb you’re missing part of my comments for Dawson Creek. Dawson is awesome, best character on the series, girls love him. Any girl would be happy with him.

    Also I really like Jen. She is smart, has a sense humor and is really cute, but I don’t like her grandmother.

    Joey is dumb and ugly and a vindictive young lady. Jen asked Joey if she had a thing with Dawson, and stupid Joey said no. She had only been climbing up a ladder and staying over in his bed. Now Joey is all butt hurt because Dawson and Jen are hanging out. Had Joey gave Dawson a little affection and told Jen, she would stop making ugly faces and not get jealous, Joey would be with Dawson. I will not hoist the show and am going to continue watching it.

    One last thing, why is it alright to use penis, masturbate, and orgasm but you can’t use the word pussy in a comment. What ever happen to freedom of speech and equality?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So am I supposed to think it’s fine to tell Mo ( the hostess with mostest ) she had a nostalgic boner but you censor language you find offensive?

    I am very much offended that you would use the word boner, a vulgar and disgusting word, to talk about Mo.


  4. Zero,

    I would want to ask you, why do you want to use vulgar language to talk about a 15 year girl?

    I will address your other comments soon.

    I remember a desperate old man asking someone for editorial help…



  5. Penis, masturbate, nor orgasm are offensive words; well, they can be but it depends on the context.

    On the other hand, pussy is always an offensive word. It implies that being a woman is negative. Thus it has a negative connection regardless of the context. That is why it is offensive.


    You can use whatever language you want. But if you use offensive words, you risk offending people. In addition, some people will think you are an asshole!

    If you want to write like an asshole, go for it. You have that right.



  6. Zero,

    Nostalgia boners are referring to to memories of a TV show that affect our rewatching of the show. This is not offensive in that context, and I would argue that boner is not inhertantly offensive.

    If you or anyone else want to judge us, or stop listening to PnP because we use the term nostlagia boner, I can live with that.

    One last thing, if you have a better term or suggestion to replace nostalgia boner, I am open to your opinions.



  7. First off What if you are referring to a “pussy” cat, that’s not offensive. If Jimbo uses boner then Mo should be able to call it what ever she wants. This show is already over saturated with phallic symbolism. What’s with the 0 character on this website it looks too much like o and O?


  8. Pussy cats are fine.

    Fitz, you might have missed some of the context. Zero and I have been arguing this for some time.!

    Mo, can say whatever she wants. In fact, anyone can say whatever they want. I censored 0 (the number) because he asked me to, now of course he is crying like a baby. And if any babies are offended, I am cool with that. Crying babies are unpleasant and more than often annoying. So I am using a possibly offensive term to some to show my dislike of 0’s complaints. If 0 wants to use a possibly offensive term to some women, he can. I’ll just think he is an old sexist asshole!


  9. It takes one to know one Mr. Stank, You big pussy. Thanks for exposing my secret identity, it’s kind of strange though how you don’t give up Mrs. Stank and Mrs. Drewbert secret Identity because they told you they want to remain annominous. Pure case of nepotism to me.

    Thank you Fitz finally someone who does not have a liberal view of everything to be accepted in their click, but watch out for how you use pussy cat. it might offend some 15 year old and get censored.

    0 (not to be confused with the letter o)


  10. Old sexist asshole, you kiss your mother with that mouth? Remember I do not get offended by nothing, like I said with all the wars I have fought and all the trials and tribulations I have experienced I have no feelings to hurt

    0. That’s zero not the letter o
    p.s. any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental


  11. 0 the number,

    Please forgive me for exposing your secret identify. I deleted my mistake and respect your anonymity.

    Otherwise you are still an old sexist asshole.



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