Pre-recording Discussion for Episode #22 Rick and Morty

Pilots and Petards is the podcast you want to hear in the world. The podcast that listens to its listeners.

Join the ranks of Hoister by watching the pilot episode of Rick and Morty which you can find on hulu. Share your highs, lows, crabman, MVP, and or any dangling threads with us and we might share your comments on the air. The more thoughtful and or funny your response, the better chances you have to before pod-famous.

Comment prior to the recording Monday April 16th, 2018.

Thank you Fits for sponsoring Pilots and Petards and choosing the much anticipated animated comedy Rick and Morty.

Everyday we hoistling


Jimbo out!

6 thoughts on “Pre-recording Discussion for Episode #22 Rick and Morty

Add yours

  1. If the animation in South Park made Fitz cry, he must be blind watching Rick and Morty, the animation was disgustiing. Fitz found you the worst pilot ever. It was stupid, that’s all I can say. I do not want to say too much unthoughtfulness and get in trouble with your censors and editors but it really stunk.

    Morty calls his grandfather Rick instead grandpa or whatever. Rick is moving to a care home, so they rent a giant moving van. Now where is Rick going to put all that stuff? Rick drools down his chin and spits when he talks.

    I hoisted the show
    No MVP
    Crabman goes to the giant moving van
    High points none
    Low point. The whole pilot

    Jimmy Christ out


  2. while we were watching the pilot of Rick and Morty, I will never forget my little girls face with tears running down from her eye, she asked me “Daddy is Grandpa going to make me shove pineapples up my ass

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  3. Glad your not my grandfather


  4. First of all his name is Fitz, but he did say that if you shove a pineapple up someone ass for science it’s alright. What he is saying is the answer for the for the question MAYBE


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