Pre-recording Discussion for Episode #41 Handmaid’s Tale

Yo hoisters!

We will be recording Handmaid’s Tale on August 21st, 2018. Watch the pilot on hulu and join us here to share your ideas so you can become petard famous! It’s the best fame. Just leave a thoughtful comment.

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6 thoughts on “Pre-recording Discussion for Episode #41 Handmaid’s Tale

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  1. I have been WAITING for this one!!!! Yay!!! Can’t wait to see what you three have for the feminist dystopia that is Margaret Atwood. So looking forward…


  2. Is this the first novel to series you have done? I would love hear more about the themes, symbols, motifs, etc. from book to screen that you see represented in the pilot. From what I have researched, this series stays quite close to Atwood’s main intention for the book. At first I always labeled this as a “feministic book”….that Atwood was fighting for the rights of women by making the reader feel sorry for them…but there are also so many women in this book (the wives, Moira, Ofred’s mother, etc.) who abuse their own freedom and show that just by giving a woman liberty does not mean that it will change their perspective either.

    So much of the show highlights the themes of sexual violence and controlled reproduction….women as a symbol of turning politics. And yet, its absolutely fascinating that a woman wrote this story. If a man wrote this story there would be such a different perspective on sexual violence, but what does it mean coming from the mind of a woman?

    Jimbo- this book doesn’t appear on your Goodreads. Have you reviewed yet?


  3. I never read this book. Drew has read it. Maybe I can try to read a few chapters before we record.

    As far as books to series. End of the Fing World was a graphic novel turned series. Alias Grace was a novel by Atwood too! Altered Carbon which we will release next week was a novel. Friday Night Lights and Killing Eve were both loosely based off the books. One Punch Man and Dexter were very close to the manga and novel, respectively.


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