Huge in France “Épisode Un”

Huge in France "Épisode Un" Background: Huge in France was co-created by and co-written by (and stars) Gad Elmaleh. Gad Elmale, comedian and "The French Jerry Seinfeld," is playing himself in the series. Two Sentence Summary: Gad, a famous French comedian, is having a midlife crisis. When Gad finds out his estranged son is becoming... Continue Reading →

Ep 74: Dead to Me “Pilot”

Dead to Me "Pilot" Pilots and Petards Podcast is about pilot episodes of filmic series. You can learn more about Pilots and Petards here. Please leave us an itunes review. Click the link to see where Dead to Me “Pilot” ranks in The Quest for the Best & Worst Pilots Ever. Find us on the... Continue Reading →

Ep 73: Doom Patrol “Pilot”

Doom Patrol "Pilot" Find us on the following: itunes stitcher player fm podbean twitter instagram facebook Spoiler Free Part 1 [4:15] Highs, Lows, and in Betweens [10:25] Watch or Rewatch [10:50] To Hoist, or Not to Hoist [11:35] The Quest for the Best & Worst Pilots Ever. [12:10] Petardar: (recommendations based on today’s viewing and... Continue Reading →

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