About Pilots & Petards

Drew, Mo, and Jimbo are three Peace Corps buddies. Jimbo wanted to start a podcast, Drew came up with this topic idea, and Mo joined in for the ride. We discuss TV pilots, and as always we end up talking about bigger issues by the end of the show, like race and or Star Wars. Click here for a breakdown of our show format.

Join us each Monday as we cast judgement on the pilot episode and determine if that pilot is to be hoisted, or not to be hoisted: that is the question. For the time being we are trying to review mostly new series, with an occasional throwback episode. Leave us any and all feedback to help us improve the show and keep doing what you enjoy. After judgement we place the pilot episode in our running list of the: Quest for the Best and Worst Pilots Ever.

For those of us more dumber than Drew, petard is a real word, absolutely non discriminatory. Petards are explosive devices traditionally used to blow up doors or walls. Consult your local dictionary for further investigation. For those who overlooked it in Hamlet, “Hoist with his own petar,” is a phrase from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The phrase refers to one’s own plot or device intended for another that ends up self destructive. Meaning, a hoisted pilot is self destructive in its goal of convincing a viewer to continue to watch.

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad
  • Not to hoist a pilot = good

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  1. Just listened to “Better Call Saul” and it was fantastic! Drew and Jimbo were amazing and, if these guys are smart, they will have Zanne on again as guest host! Now I want to watch the show! Edna

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