Podcast Layout

This is our current layout as of Episode #38. Most of these sections have been present since our first episodes. We would love any and all feedback! Leave it here, twitter, or facebook.

Pilots and Petards Podcast Outline

  • Podcast and Episode Introduction– introduce the co-hoisters, any guests, new info, briefly explain the Pilots and Petards Podcast, and give any other news too important to save for shop talk.
  • Background– your co-hoisters share their experiences with the show and reasons for choosing the pilot, as well as any series background.
  • Two Sentence Summary– one of your co-hoisters gives what you need to know about the plot in two sentences.

Part 1: spoiler free pilot analysis and evaluation

  • High Points– anything in the episode that is outstanding, or whatever your co-hoisters enjoyed.
  • Low Points– anything in the episode that stood out in a negative way, and whatever disgusted, dissatisfied, disappointed, and all those other dis’es.
  • Pilot MVP– the most valuable part of the pilot.
  • Watch or Rewatch– your co-hoisters declare if they will continue to watch or rewatch the rest of the series.
  • To Hoist, or Not to Hoist– the final judgement of the episode. Was the show a success? Or was the show a self destructive disaster (hoisted by its own petard)?

Part 2: Filmic/literary analysis

  • Crabman Award– a supporting character that gives way more than they take with limited screen time, small role, grand contributions.
  • Literary analysis– breaking down the story, plot, and or characters. Symbols, alternate interpretations, ect.
  • Quest for the Best/Worst– placing and comparing the pilot with the running list of best and worst pilots ever.

Part 3: pilot’s connections to hoisters, society, culture, or the world

  • Dangling Threads– any ideas of interest that didn’t fit into parts 1 and 2. Usually themes in the pilot or series. Or news surround actors or creators.
  • Petardar– recommendations of media (TV, movies, comics, books, etc.) based on the pilot.

Part 4: the fun part

  • Petard Trivia: useless questions from or closely related to the pilot.
  • Shop Talk– plugs, reviews, next week, and Jimbo’s favorite part of the show, where they just say whatever, and often talk about shop.

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