Podcast Layout

The show is about the first episodes of TV shows and series. Drew, Mo, and James start off by watching or rewatching the pilot episode. Below is the basic structure that the show mostly follows.

Pilots and Petards Podcast Outline

  • Background– your co-hoisters share their experiences with the show and reasons for choosing the pilot.
  • Sixty Sec Summary– one of your co-hoisters gives a brief recap of the plot.
  • High Points– anything in the episode that is outstanding, or whatever your co-hoisters enjoyed.
  • Low Points– anything in the episode that stood out in a negative way, and whatever disgusted, dissatisfied, disappointed, and all those other dis’ your co-hoisters.
  • Crabman Award– a supporting character that steals the show, or makes significant contributions without a lead role.
  • Pilot MVP– the most valuable part of the pilot.
  • Dangling Threads– any ideas of interest that didn’t fit into the highs, lows, or MVPs.
  • Watch or Rewatch– your co-hoisters declare if they will continue to watch or rewatch the rest of the series.
  • To Hoist, or Not to Hoist– the final judgement of the episode. Was the show a success? Or was the show a self destructive disaster?
  • Quest for the Best/Worst– your co-hoisters place the current pilot into the running list of pilots reviewed.
  • Petardar– recommendations for people based on the pilot.
  • Shop Talk– reviews, next week, and Jimbo’s favorite part of the show, where they just say whatever, often talk about shop.

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