Episode #2 My Name Is Earl “Pilot”

My Name Is Earl “Pilot”

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the hit comedy My Name Is Earl will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode

Show Notes

{1:05} Summary:

{2:22} Background: Jimbo picked My Name Is Earl because this show accompanied him through the spiritual enlightenment of his late twenties. Drew had seen the show in the past, but was not ready to accept the teaching of Carson Daily.

{4:10} High Points: A lot! Intro; Acting/actors; physical comedy; character development; satire; Crabman; Jamie Presley;

{8:20} Low Points: Objectifying women, long exposition and short conflict resolution.

{13:40} MVPs: The Intro, and not punching down to middle America.

{21:35} Dangling Threads of Interests: Jason Lee; more punching up; values of shows/morals; Carson Daily/karma.

{36:36} Watch or Rewatch: Jimbo– rewatch fo sho! Drew-maybe spot episodes.

{39:00} To Hoist or Not to Hoist? Extremely strong Not Hoist!

{41:40} Petardar: (recommendations)

{44:25} Next Week: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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