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You know that guy that argues with you even when he agrees? That’s Jimbo! He is a habitual nonconformist who loves to argue. Since people are so stupid and often wrong, Jimbo finds it easy to argue with everyone, so he usually does.

For most of Jimbo’s adulthood he was an exercise junkie, hiking, cycling, running, and working out. Jimbo’s first worthless degree was in Exercise and Sports Science, but now intellectual activities occupy more of his time. Plus he is too often injured and or too sore to do quality workouts (sad face). He loves to travel with the beautiful adventurous Ms. Nameles, love of his life, wife, and mama of his daughter. Jimbo’s second worthless degree is in education. A couple years ago Jimbo quit teaching, and he is back to make money! What will his next worthless degree be in?

As a hoister, Jimbo is all about storytelling, philosophy, and or comedy. He loves social critiques and satire especially. His favorite films are Goodwill Hunting, Dumb and Dumber, V for Vendetta, and The Matrix Trilogy.

Jimbo’s Favorite series are:

Reading and Writing: You can learn a lot about someone by the books they read. Here are the books Jimbo has read or wants to read.

Before Pilots and Petards Podcast took all his time, Jimbo used to spend a decent amount of time on his poetry blog, Read Good Poetry. He tries to maintain it, but falls off at times. Forgive him if a few days or more are missing!

Jimbo is also a writer for fun. He usually writes poems, short stories, or rants. Follow his ranting blog which is inconsistent at best. He currently has a short story he is pretty proud of and wants to attempt to publish.

Podcasts: Jimbo listens to podcasts or audiobooks nonstop while he drives, cleans, cooks, and or works out. Any task that doesn’t require full attention is perfect for Jimbo to pop off a podcast. Jimbo’s favorite podcasts are:

  • Freakonomics
  • Levar Burton Reads
  • The History of Literature
  • Planet Money
  • The Michael Shermer Show

Below is an example of Jimbo live in the field! Jimbo and the stunning Ms. Nameles saw the total solar eclipse and the northern lights in 2017. Marriage and a baby in 2018. At the bottom of the U-shaped happiness curve now…

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