The Quest: Best & Worst Pilots Ever

Pilots and Petards Podcast is on a quest. We are determined to find the best and worst pilots ever. We will keep a running list of pilots as we review and analyze them each week.

Below is the running list of pilots from best to worst:

  1. End of the Fing World
  2. This Is Us
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. One Punch Man
  5. Black-ish
  6. Better Call Saul “Uno”
  7. The Shield
  8. My Name Is Earl
  9. X-Men the Animated Series
  10. The Wonder Years
  11. Rick and Morty
  12. The Punisher
  13. Friday Night Lights
  14. South Park
  15. The Crown
  16. Boy Meets World
  17. Married with Children
  18. Law and Order SVU
  19. Freaks and Geeks
  20. Dawson’s Creek
  21. Cloack and Dagger “First Light”
  22. Glee
  23. Supernatural
  24. Firefly
  25. One Tree Hill
  26. Wonderfalls
  27. Batman Beyond
  28. Ally McBeal
  29. Alex Inc
  30. 7th Heaven
  31. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

6 thoughts on “The Quest: Best & Worst Pilots Ever

Add yours

  1. I agree!

    Unfortunately Mo has a raging NB for Glee. So Supernatural will unlikely advance, but for future rankings it would help to swing that split decision.


  2. End of the Fucking world is a mini-series adaptation of a novel, and it’s so short and focused it’s really just a movie cut up. There was no pilot, a pilot is a testing grounds, so I don’t really think it belongs here.

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  3. Hmm, Jzakko that is a fair point. None of our other pilots fit that description. It did air as the first episode of a series and it ended with room for another season. I’ll discuss it with the gang.

    I think that could be said about a lot of shows. Does it matter that they stretch a story out? Friday Night Lights was a movie retold as a series, same with Buffy.


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