Ep 73: Doom Patrol “Pilot”

Doom Patrol “Pilot”

Find us on the following:

Spoiler Free Part 1

[4:15] Highs, Lows, and in Betweens

[10:25] Watch or Rewatch

[10:50] To Hoist, or Not to Hoist

[11:35] The Quest for the Best & Worst Pilots Ever.

[12:10] Petardar: (recommendations based on today’s viewing and conversation)

Part 2

(2:05) Crabman Award:

(5:10) MVP Awards:

(6 :20) Literary Analysis:

Part 3

(16:10) Stormy Daniels Dangling Threads of Interests:

Part 4

(20:10) Shop Talk goes Avengers End Game


  • Check out Liz’s GoT podcast Competitions of Chairs
  • Read Liz’s reviews of video games, comics, movies, and TV at But Why Tho?
  • Intro and outro music was mixed by Jake Drew contact him for beats or music for your podcast or musical career.


Help wanted: looking for a volunteer to transcribe our This Close episode for deaf and hard of hearing audiences. Leave a comment or send us a message to join the team!

If you notice show notes without the times for the different sections, and you’d like to help. Leave a comment with the section times and we will update the notes!

Would anyone like to become a part of the team as the audio editor? Contact Jimbo for free lessons and a description of the position.

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