Pily’s: The Greatest Pilots Award Show in Podcasting

We are hosting a pilot award show. We are still writing and preparing, but while we do, what categories and nomination would you suggest? This is going to be a big deal in the future, so be apart of the first ever Pily’s!

Potential Categories [8-10]

  • Most Dangley Thread
  • Crabman of the Year
  • Best Cold Opening of a Pilot
  • Most Watched 2nd Episode (tell us which 2nd episodes you watched after listening and watching the pilot)
  • Best Theme Song
  • Most Watchable/Rewatchable Series (what series did you go back and watch all of?)
  • Biggest NoBo (what gave the most nostalgia?)
  • Funniest Moment
  • Hottest Mo Eye Candy
  • Best Performance in a Pilot
  • Any better categories we are missing?

Leave a comment with any suggestions for nominations!


Jimbo Out

9 thoughts on “Pily’s: The Greatest Pilots Award Show in Podcasting

Add yours

  1. I nominate honest Jon and Zero for best appearance of guest host for podcast, they came well prepared and dressed the part of real Bikers giving a true biker opinion of Sons of anarchy pilot.


  2. I nominate Zero for being the most humble trivia champion ever.


  3. I nominate Zero for being greatest fan ever of pilots and petards


  4. I nominate Jimbostank for most consecutive appearance of a podcast host never missed one show


  5. I nominate the shied for worst pilot ever


  6. I nominate Fitz


  7. I nominate Zero for most active listener of the podcast. I nominate Dexter for best theme song (Anyone who watched the show consistently had that song stuck in their head when they were brushing their teeth once in a while) i nominate Boy meets world for biggest NoBo, and i nominate Alyssa (End of the F-ing world) for best pilot performance. Seen ya skatin’.. you’re pretty shit.

    Murph out.


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