Episode #15 Breaking Bad “Pilot”

Breaking Bad “Pilot”

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the intense drug-cooking drama Breaking Bad will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode

Show Notes

Episode intro:

Background: Jimbo watched the first season but got bored. Drew watched 5ish episodes but it wasn’t the escape show he was looking for. And Mo loved all of Breaking Bad and was coming in with a raging NoBo.

60 Sec Summary: Walter white is absolutely miserable. He hates his life and two jobs. To make matters worse he finds out he is terminally ill with an untreatable cancer of the lung. In the face of death, he decides to team up with an ex flunky student, Jesse, to cook, in his tighty whities of course, and sell meth to leave his family with money. Shit hits the fan. Tune in to see if Walter and Jesse can avoid those Petards

High Points: a lot. Walter White. Jesse. The characters. The opening. The musical cues.

Low Points: not much. The brother in law’s gun flagging. Another poor teacher. Drew didn’t love the en media res.

Crabman Award: The dude bro from the clothing store.

MVPs: Walter White. Skyler’s HJ. Capn Cook.

Dangling Threads of Interest: The actor RJ Mitte (Walter Jr.) and New Mexico’s beautiful landscapes,

Watch or Rewatch:  Jimbo said no thanks to the surprise of Mo. Drew is going to try, depending on his mood

To Hoist or Not to Hoist?: very strong not hoist!

Quest for the Best: listen of click here.


  • Office Space
  • Dexter
  • The Good Place

Next Week: Freaks and Geeks

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10 thoughts on “Episode #15 Breaking Bad “Pilot”

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  1. Jimmy Christ. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Mature audiences advised. says:

    I wouldn’t watch Breaking Bad at first because I thought it was going to glorify drug use. Honest Jon got me hooked, we had our own chat line, we couldn’t wait to chat about Breaking Bad. Walt and Jesse Pinkman are awesome, I hated Hank, he is a complete asshole, I hated Hank and Walt’s whore wives, didn’t like Walt Jr.
    I found Breaking Bad addicting, I did not hoist the show, loved it. There are so many high points, it made so much sense, a dedicated chemistry teacher whole can cook and make the best drug around, the transformation that Walt and Jesse Pinkman will make is great.
    Low points, if I had to see Walts ass one more time I think I would have thrown up. And then they show the most unrealistic and unbelievable scene that I have ever seen on tv or movie, Walts wife reaching under the covers to give him a hand job, ask any husband if that really does happen, what a joke. How about the whole swat team going to arrest Captain Cook, but don’t think about leaving someone outside to catch Jesse Pinkman with his pants down when he jumps out the 2nd story window.
    I found Breaking Bad very entertaining, would recommend it to binge watch.
    One last thing, I miss 0, personally I thought he added a lot of humor and controversy to your podcast, but you guys hoisted 0.


  2. I agree about the Jesse Pinkman getting away out the window, and he just happens to be Walt’s old student, and a meth cooker? That was some very convenient storytelling. I noted it, but decided with out those events there is no story. So I let it pass, but it wasn’t one of my many high points.

    I’ll have to ask my married friends about the HJ.

    Great comments Mr. Christ!



  3. For those whom like to Hoistle,

    I’ll make a list that follows no order.
    7. Drewbert, Walt Jr. doesn’t go to private school, him and WW rode to school together.
    2. Mo did good not to spoil, there is so much to spoil.
    8. This show is badass. Great intro, great characters, great pilot.
    4. Hank’s an asshole.
    5. Marie’s a bitch.
    6. What kind of a terrible wife gives her husband veggie bacon for breakfast and a dry HJ for desert. Pathetic. I’d divorce.
    1. Walter Jrs character is a tool. I woulda slapped him about 7 times at the breakfast table for being a disrespectful little smart ass.
    3. Walt’s classroom scene reminds me how stupid these damn kids are now days and how great full I am to not be an educator anymore. I feel bad for Drewbert, hopefully middle school kids aren’t as dumb as Walters degenerates. I woulda slapped like two or three of those punks and kicked that 30 year old super duper senior blonde chick who was clearly smoking the capn’s crystal outta my class.
    11. Bogdon is also an Asshole. I would hold down Bogdon And make him sniff car incense until his eyebrows fell off. Fuck Bogdon and Fuck his Eyebrows.
    10. I could keep going but bottom line is this is the best pilot that PnP has reviewed. This pilot episode has so much depth. So many little things happen in this episode that have major implications in the rest of the season and the entire series. I will now be beings watching Breaking Bad.
    9. Jesse Pinkman is hands down my favorite crackhead of all time. I’d let him borrow a lightbulb.

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  4. 0,
    I agree with your analysis of both Marie and Skylar, as well as Walter Jr. Walters ass wasn’t that bad, it looked like he prob works out.


  5. Honest Jon,

    You gave a great review of Breaking Bad. I am kind of wondering why you don’t have your own podcast. Maybe you would like to join my podacst, “The Podcast about Podcasts that Reviews Podcasts and other things.” Soon to be a sponsor of Pilots and Petards Podcast.


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