Episode #19: Alex Inc. “The Unfair Advantage” with magician Kier Gomes

Alex Inc. pilot episode “The Unfair Advantage”

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join Mo and Jimbo today as they cast judgement and determine if the much anticipated return to television by Zach Braff in the comedy sitcom, Alex Inc, will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode

Show Notes

Episode Intro and Announcements: Follow our blog to participate in the pre-recording discussions. Drew is out this week and subbing in is Magician Kier Gomes.

Background: Series premiere!

60 Sec Sum: Alex foolishly quits a good job to chase an unlikely dream of starting his own podcasting company. He is fantasist and wants to change the world with radio story-telling, and in pursuit of this ends up blowing his and his wifes hard earned retirement to ernt an overcharged shared open office space with a group of flunkies. To make it worse, he then lies to his way too supportive and understanding wife about it.  After failing to get the financial backing of some bozo billionaire investor, he watches his son fearlessly perform an over-the-top magic show at his schools the talent show and suddenly Alex discovers that his passion for radio is the “unfair advantage” the investor was looking for. Stick around to see if Alex Inc will avoid those petards!

High Points: A mixed family on TV, Rooni/Tiya Sircar, and Alex’s story to his family.

Low Points: Everything Zach Braff, poor storytelling, and Deirdre among many other things.

Crabman Award: Crabless with a couple honorable mentions.

MVPs: Hands down unanimously Ben!

Dangling Threads of Interest:Alex Inc vs Married with Children, and the reality of Alex quitting his job.

Watch or Rewatch: Hell no!

Premiere Fate: Consensus on an unlikely season 2.

To Hoist or Not to Hoist?: Hella Hoisted.

Quest for the Best/Worst: Listen or click here to see if Alex Inc. can make a run for Bufffy‘s worst position.


  • Scrubs
  • Fun with Dick and Jane
  • Last Man on Earth
  • The Office season 2
  • Seinfeld
  • Sopranos

Next Week: South Park as chosen by Zero

Plugs: Donate to Kier Gomes’ gofundme. Promo swap with WDIM Podcast, Dudes with Brews on a Porch, and Who’s Right Podcast. Artwork by Magician Kier Gomes. Pilots and Petards official closing music is an instrumental Entheos remix of Alive. Intro, outro, and ad background music mixed by Jake Drew. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or join our facebook group.

Shop Talk: Kier performs a card trick for Mo over a google hangout.

3 thoughts on “Episode #19: Alex Inc. “The Unfair Advantage” with magician Kier Gomes

Add yours

  1. Jimmy Christ. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Mature audiences advised. says:

    I did not hoist the show, and I will probably will rewatched it. I thought it had a lot of funny things in it but you had to be paying attention. When they go to their new work place and they see inventions that other people are working on the baby rocker that is not quite perfected and keeps throwing the doll against the wall, then as Deirdre is walking out a baby comes flying at her and knocks her down. Alex’s wife telling Alex the only reason Deirdre is his producer and supports him is because Deirdre has a crush on him. Alex says no, then in the restaurant Deirdre is practically sitting on his lap and Alex ask her to sit on the other side of the table.

    I agreed Alex’s wife is way to nice, I’d like to see that in real life.

    Deirdre got my crabman award and the second to my mvp award. I thought Deirdre was awesome.

    My MVP award goes to Ben. I am going to continue watching the series just to see how they developed Ben’s character. Is he going to continue to say funny things and how will he progress as magician?


  2. Jimmy Christ. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Mature audiences advised. says:

    Well, Mrs Christ and I didn’t hoist Alex’s Inc because we thought it had potential. We liked Deidre and Ben, so you can imagine our disappointment when the second episode really sucked. The wife still too nice and understanding, very little screne time for Ben plus no mention of magic, and not much of Deirdre. Once again Alex blows his presentation to investors but once again at the last minute he sways his no business plan idea to invest. Just a big pile of poop. You guys were right to hoist.


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