Episode #13 Friday Night Lights “Pilot”

Friday Night Lights “Pilot”

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today with clear eyes as we cast judgement with full hearts and determine if the crazy Texas football drama Friday Nights Light can’t lose…. to hoist, or not hoist: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode

Show Notes

[1:10] Episode Intro:

[1:21] Background: The second requests from the thoughtful reviewer Dilly Dilly. Drew and Mo were getting slapped around with their nostalgia boners, and Jimbo could care less.

[3:01 ] Sixty Sec Summary: Dillon Texas is abuzz with Football fever because it is fall and that means, everyone has their eyes on those Friday Night Lights. The Panthers have their eyes on state, but all the plans go off the rails when Jason Street falls victim to a spinal cord injury and young unheralded Matt Saracen comes in to fill some pretty big shoes. The panthers win the game on a time expiring hail mary but their star QB may never walk again?

[3:51] High Points: Crazy Texas people. The high school players playing with pop warner/younger kids. And the family dynamics for the main characters

[12:47] Low Points: The running back, Smash, being such a cliche arrogant stereotype of the hated black athlete. Riggins and Tara’s poor casting. Mo hated the buttchin cheerleader.

[26:58] Crabman Award: Battle of the older characters: Pete, old white guy trashing Coach Taylor, vs Gramma Saracen.

[33:34] MVPs: The coaches scouting talk. The post game hospital scene. Matt Saracen.

[38:55] Dangling Threads: Is football as a culture dying out and is that a bad thing? Terrible stupid training/hazing.

[43:31] Watch or Rewatch: Mo and Drew yes, Jimbo’s not going to watch.

[44:31] To Hoist or Not to Hoist?: Unanimous Not Hoist.

[45:55] Quest for the Best: FNL ranks 6th between DC and Wonder Year on the list.

[48:45] Petardar:

[53:55] Next Week: Firefly, the short lived Sci-Fi Western from Joss Whedon. Click here to see what else is coming up.

[54:13] Plugs: Pilots and Petards official closing music is an instrumental Entheos remix of Alive. Official ad background music mixed by Jake Drew. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or join our facebook group.

[54:28] Shop Talk 2.0: Mo’s color. Jimbo’s massive fofoca petard.

[1:02:33] Reviews: Launchpad1412

16 thoughts on “Episode #13 Friday Night Lights “Pilot”

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  1. A comment about Friday Night Lights by 0 not to be confused with o

    Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental, recommend for mature people, continued reading confirms signed agreement to these terms

    I can’t believe you over looked the comparison between Smash/number 20/running back and Cam Newton. You didn’t make any comparison of the two. Cam acts just like Smash, and I bet you Cam loved Friday night lights. Friday night lights probably inspired many an athlete and that’s where the arrogance comes from in great players.

    I hoisted Friday night lights, in fact it made my nostalgia pussy dry up, yes Drewbert nostalgia a real word. It was so predictable, I knew how it was going to end after the first 15 minutes. If you saw Rudy, you saw Friday Night Lights, or Major league and about a hundred other shows where the under dog wins. Hey as long as you got a couple of cute guys in the show Moe is hooked. She will not hoist a show with cute guys in it.

    Moe, what O asked was, what color is Moe, Mr. Stank keep referring to you being a person of color. I just wanted tp know if you are blue, green, a Muppet color. But once again, they edit and censor my comments and take it out of context. Sorry Moe, but I don’t know what a person of color means, why don’t you read the comments about what your fan base says about you for yourself. I sense something going on there

    How can you put Friday night lights ahead of Dawson Creek? My only high point Coach Taylor, one of my favorite actors (Kyle Chandler in Bloodlines great Netflix series, King Kong the Jack Black version.

    Mr. Stank can you do anything else to destroy my secret identity any further, put My picture in the post office. Am I going to get death threats now because I hate the use of the phrase nostalgia boner?

    And since Moe brought up balls, are the hoisters going to have the balls to let me advertise on your show. I want to advertise my podcast, “Petards and pilots and other things” a podcast about podcast that talks about and reviews podcast.

    Wake up hoisters Maron has had a show about podcast on IFC channel for years. It’s a pretty funny show, why don’t you review it ”

    Hoist on hoisters. 0


  2. Why do you guys pick on 0 all time? He is the only one with a sence of humor, like Moe brings beauty and grace to the show 0 brings humor and controversy.

    At my place of employment we gather around the water cooler on Monday and discuss your podcast, it’s kind of a ritual now at work.

    Did you know 0 never finished his grade 6? Never participated in any kind of sports? Or only has one foot? And still he can give Drewbert a run for his money while discussing early American history, religion or politics.

    I admit that some people think 0 is no good, crazy as a loon, because he gets drunk in the morning and gets stoned in the afternoon. Kind of like his old Tater dog, they lay down in the shade they ain’t got no money but they sure do got it made.

    Did you know 0 was El Maestro the grand master debater for two consecutive years on The Interloctors Forum?

    Stop picking on 0, and what dam color is Moe, I am thinking maybe plaid.



  3. 0,

    Nice Cam/Smash comparison.

    I loved the new term “Dried up Nostalgia Pussy.” it proves my point about male chauvinism. Why is it that you use the word pussy to refer to something bad (then you use the term balls to refer to courage, a positive thing). It sends a message that being a woman, and having a “pussy” is bad, but being a man and having balls is good. NOW, we can quickly solve this problem, if we refer to something that is good, as having a wet nostalgia pussy. I hope you incorporate a wet nostalgia pussy into your vocab for positive things.

    I hope Mo joins the fun. Mo, please set 0 straight!

    One last thing 0, we will take you up on your sponsorship offer. It sounds like a cool podcast. Contact us in a private message for details regarding your ad.



  4. A comment by 0. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. Mature audience advised. You agree to these terms. says:

    Honest Jon
    Websters dictionary says caramel is burnt sugar, I can see how Moe would use burnt sugar as a discription of herself,she is as sweet as she is cute,fact. Caramel is brown in color, just plan old brown, example sure, I am an apple color or a banana color. So if you call a me a person of color and want to know what color I am I have to find something else to describe my color I can’t just say blue, green, brown, black,white, pink or yellow. Is clear a color,that’s what my person of color is clear. To clear things up Moe is a burnt sugar color.


  5. 0,

    You’re just a pale crusty white. If you’d like to change your color get some sun or use a spray on tanner.


  6. Jimbo Stank,

    I am not exposing 0 secret identity. Let me tell you a little story.

    0 is not Tommy LaSorta coach of the Dodgers, but he did coach a team of high school losers called the Dodgers, took that team of high school losers and took them to second place position for the baseball season. That one act of kindness by 0, an altruistic motive, took that group of high school losers and made them a doctor, teachers, an engineer, a National Park Ranger, an environmentalist biology technical guy, 2 marijuana farmers, two marines and a couple of other guys. Very heart warming.

    Did you know, I will give you the aphorism, 0 never had a father, and made his name up in grade three? Did you know 0 was a polymath?

    Enough about 0, were hear to talk PAP (Pilots and Petards)

    Love your podcast


  7. A few things for one of our most loyal listeners 0 the number:

    1. I can get down for associating nostalgia with different genitalia. Often our little downstairs utility pieces cloud our judgement and cause us to take illogical or irrational action…much like nostalgia itself!!! Nice Zero I see where your head is at.

    2. Friday Night Lights goes ahead of Dawson’s for it’s lack of Dawson like fuckboys, until you appreciate the greatness of Joey Potter I’ll have trouble discussing where you personally want to rank DC.

    3. Please do sponsor us!!!! Again like most things on the internet we are for sale and you don’t even need amazon prime membership. I’ll have Deborah in Accounts/Advertising reach out, she heads our branding and outreach team.

    Keep hoisting out there Zero, I protect your secret identity!!


  8. Dear Bob,

    Thanks for making PnP the high point of your workplace discussions, I also discuss TV, movies and other types of subjective art with my co workers…mostly Star Wars though.

    Real quick favor/request Bob, I’m looking through our iTunes reviews and I can’t find a “bob” related reviewer name. Next Monday before you discuss the new ep around the watercooler please take a minute or two to write us a review. 5 Star preferred, 4 star acceptable.

    In addition one last thing, watch who you call plaid there Bob. If you scroll down a little bit ole 0 (the number) went after Honest Jon because he said that Mo was caramel and then 0 went off and found the dictionary definition. Plaid is a pattern, not a color. I’m just here to correct you before 0 does.

    I fondly recall my days on the political discussion boards, Jimbo stopped inviting me but I do remember them.



  9. I agree with 0 when he said, “I offend some of the people all the time, and all the people some of time, but I do not offend all the people all the time.”



  10. 0, Carol, and Bob,

    This website is for comments about the PnP episode, or the pilot being discussed. So for this specific page, keep topics to Friday Night Lights or our discussion in episode #13. If you want to fluff 0, or discuss other nonsense try the link below


    Drewbert here is your chance, if you want invites, follow.


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