Ep 72: The Letfovers “Pilot”

The Letfovers "Pilot" Pilots and Petards Podcast is about pilot episodes of filmic series. You can learn more about Pilots and Petards here. Please leave us an itunes review. Click the link to see where The Letfovers "Pilot" ranks in The Quest for the Best & Worst Pilots Ever. Find us on the following: itunes... Continue Reading →

Ep #70: The Good Place “Everything Is Fine” (The Pilot Podcast)

The Good Place "Everything Is Fine" This episode was a collaboration with The Pilot Podcast. The Pilot Podcast produced the episode. You may find The Pilot Podcast on the following:   Email them at askthepilotpodcast@gmail.com Tweet them at twitter.com/ThePilotPod Like them on facebook.com/thepilotpodcast Follow them at instagram.com/thepilotpod Visit them at thepilotpodcast.com Check out how The... Continue Reading →

Ep #68: PEN15 “First Day”

PEN15 "First Day" Join Pilots and Petards as they cast judgement and determine if PEN15 "First Day" will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question! You can learn more about Pilots and Petards format here. Please leave us an itunes review, and then follow Jimbo, Drew, and Liz on twitter. [2.44] Background [3.28]... Continue Reading →

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