Pre-Recording Discussion: Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G

29 May 2020 Update: I listened to and loved the 3rd season of the podcast Slow Burn. It is all about Tupac, Biggie, and 90s gangsta rap. If anyone wants an interesting deeper dive, listen to episodes 1-7 of Slow burn season 3 then watch the series Unsolved before finishing the Slow Burn season.

22 March 2019 Original Post

Yo Hoisters,

I’m on a serious Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace murder kick. This week I binge watched Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. We are working on guests to join us for Unsolved. Click here for our Spoiler Free Minisode or the Extended Discussion.

I have been scouring for responses to the series by some of the main living characters like Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight, and or Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace. Here is the best of what I found after hours of articles and videos.

Voletta Wallace put out a statement claiming to know who killed her son, but that the LAPD was covering up the murder. I cannot find any statement from Voletta Wallace in response to the series, so I tried messaging her. I didn’t get any response. It is very possible the accounts I found, aren’t hers.

Snoop Dogg responded to the series Unsolved. He denied knowing anything about the gangster activity of Dearth Row Records. Snoop Dogg did confirm the accuracy of the New York shooting at the set of Tha Dogg Pound “New York New York” music video. The series Unsolved surprised Snoop Dogg, but you should hear Snoop Dogg tell the story himself (video below too) when asked about Suge Knight.

Puffy‘s involvement is very shady. I’m searching but cannot find any response by Puffy to the USA series Unsolved. He has denied involvement in both the NYC and Las Vegas Tupac shootings. A NPR interview: What Did Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs Know? provides reports of Puffy’s involvement.

Suge Knight is a couple years into a 28 year sentence for manslaughter, not surprising. I cannot find any responses from Suge Knight to the series either. His manslaughter incident resulted from another hip hop beef between Knight and the NWA movie Straight Out of Compton.

Greg Kading, main character in Unsolved and the LAPD officer assigned to the 2006 task force investigating the homicide of Biggie Smalls, is the expert. He was a writer and producer for Unsolved. Before the series, he wrote a book called Murder Rap which inspired a documentary of the same name. In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Greg Kading stated the most important facts. You can read/follow his top comments. Or if you want further details, watch or listen to the two best Greg Kading interviews below.

Everyday we hoistlin,


Jimbo Out

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