Special Episode: Quest for the Best

Quest for the Best Pilot Ever (episodes #2-12)

Welcome to a very special episode of Pilots and Petards Podcast where today we will rank the previous pilots reviewed and analyzed. This week Mo is out pursuing her scholarly duties, so Jimbo and Drew look back to rank and discover the best and worst pilot episodes.


  • Only pilot episodes are taken into account. In the case of a tie, the tiebreaker will go to the most successful series.
  • The following criteria influence the hoisters: storytelling, entertainment, and of course nostalgia. Personal preferences are key, but your hoisters tried to sort these shows objectively.
  • Pilot episodes started at the bottom of the barrel with the unanimous hoists. From there Drew and Jimbo worked their way up to the unanimous Not Hoists.

Show Notes

[1:30] Hoisted pilots- Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven, and Wonderfalls

[5:07] The split decisions- Supernatural and Glee

[8:30] X-Men the Animated Series

[9:45] Dawson’s Creek

[11:40] One Punch Man

[12:10] My Name Is Earl

[22:50] The Shield

[27:11] The Wonder Years

[34:27] Final List (look at Jimbo’s comment below for the full list)

[35:25] Super Shop talk: reviewing the final ranking ideas and what’s to come… Demand for more Shield podcasts; more Mo; Zero’s feedback;

[46:39] Next Week

[48:10] Review from Zero

Click Here for the current running list of the quest for the best and worst pilot episode in a filmic series. For a list of the original pilots dicussed in this episode look for Jimbo’s comment below.

Listeners, we would love to see your lists too. Tweet, email, post, or comment to one of our accounts.

10 thoughts on “Special Episode: Quest for the Best

Add yours

  1. 11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    10. 7th Heaven
    9. Wonderfalls
    8. Supernatural
    7. Glee
    6. Dawson’s Creek
    5, The wonder years
    4. X-Men the animated series
    3. My name is Earl
    2. The Shield
    1. One Punch Man


  2. You guys ranked one punch number 1? It’s a knock off of a kids show about a super hero who’s head is made out of bread. There is nothing original about it, basically anime national lampoons.


  3. Fitz,

    Who cares! Plus you are purposely misrepresenting the knock offness. Did we say it was original? I don’t value originality either way. Even the Epic of Gilgamesh probably wasn’t original.

    OPM is awesome! Or the pilot is at least. What would your list look like? Did you recently rewatch OPM? Because the kids watching it and you in the background cooking doesn’t count.



  4. I personally would have hoisted The Shild and put Wonderfalls in the not hoist place: see a new comment about the shield by 0. Not o but 0 pronounced zero, let’s just say it is shocking. Read disclaimer before watching

    p.s. any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental


  5. A few words by 0

    I agree with Drewbert, don’t you feel a little stupid when you hoist a pilot and it lasted 7 seasons? I have listened to your podcast faithfully, and sometimes I continue watching a series and enjoy it even though you hoisted it, example Wonderfalls.

    Your best of the best, come on guys one punch man and x men. How can a female be an X Man? My name is Earl number one. Which brings up another bone I have to pick maybe two bones, Mr. Stank refers to me as a 72 year old dirty sexist Oldman who coached the Dodgers. Tommy La Soreta must be 200 years old. Nothing can be further than the truth. I prefer the female gender, and I would rather be a feminist then a sexist!

    I asked Drewbert, if he makes up the words he uses. He says no, then uses the word verbiage.

    Also, stop picking on Mo, and stop saying boner. How about a nostalgic shock. And one last thing, when the hoisters get to more modern times more contemporary series like weeds, sons of anarchy, walking dead, pretty little liars, riverdale, breaking bad, I could go on, but I am not


    p.s. any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental


  6. Let’s list this one out:
    1. I think that future success of show can be a consideration but that Jimbo is right and our primary goal is to look at the pilots in isolation. Our “Friday Night Lights” episode demonstrates the danger of wandering far from the pilots…
    2. That’s a good point about gender labels and the subtextual way that gender roles impact prominence in popular media/comics. X-men indeed?
    3.verbiage is totes a word…it just sounds like a fake one. It means unnecessary words.
    4. Hey, Mo’s holding her own and she throws her own elbows out there. She did in fact listen to the episode and had feedback.
    5. Nostalgia boners and nostalgia sweat pants plus nostalgia text books to put in front of your nostalgia boner just sounds right. If a newer better term crops up I’m open to it but hey people in hell want ice water, doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.
    6. We don’t choose the pilots zero, the people do…if you want newer stuff get out there and hoistle some new reviews. We’ll get on that iTunes front page someday

    Thanks for the feedback, if you want to pick another more timely pilot you can purchase one of our 40 second ad buys, it comes with a pilot selection. We are all about customer care here at PnP LLC


  7. In regards to X-Men vs My Name is Earl, I would have to agree with Jimbo. I would watch My Name is Earl over again any day. To answer the question brought up by Drew, if someone was on my couch and I had to put something on for us to watch I would pick Earl fo sho! The show has intriguing, funny characters. Also, the teasing of the mad capped adventures that lie ahead is enough to make viewers want to continue watching. Thanks for the entertaining content!


  8. I also will make a list.

    1. Earl eats pieces of Pilots like these for breakfast. If I had time to protest, I would protest this list until Earl is shown some respect.

    2. Not that I would ever watch or read anything One Punch Man, but come on man. Pathetic. I’m with Fitz.

    3. Genastalgia. Definition: When a male or female genitalia stands at full boner or full lady boner due to previous pilot exposure.

    4. Drewbert, you must not know any people in Hell or going to Hell. But as an Individual destined to burn, I would want coffee, a nice IPA or Whiskey to drink.

    5. If I were to purchase an ad I would want a more enthusiastic hoistler to read my add and take it more seriously. If I were Fitz whoever the fuck it was I would demand a re-air or at least a few more pilot selections. But based on his pilot selections, I’d hope he’d settle for a re-air.

    6. Don’t forget about Earl. #EarlStrong #HeyEarl,HeyCrabman

    7. This was just so my list was longer, and stronger than Drewberts


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