Episode #33: Dexter Pilot “Dexter” with Honest Jon

Dexter pilot episode “Dexter”

Welcome to the Pilots and Petards Podcast! This is the podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, but potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join Drew and Jimbo with special appearance by Honest Jon. Tune in as they cast judgement and determine if the serial killer thriller Dexter will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

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Quest for the best and worst pilots ever: “Dexter” is coming in hot between Better Call Saul and Shied.

Next Week: Lost‘s pilot titled “Pilot part 1.”

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Plugs: Petard trivia with loyal hoistler Honest Jon. Pilots and Petards official closing music is an instrumental Entheos remix of Alive. Intro and outro music was music mixed by Jake Drew.

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14 thoughts on “Episode #33: Dexter Pilot “Dexter” with Honest Jon

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  1. I just heard the dexter show. It was really good but I think you didn’t quite get what Nietzsche I was referencing. Drew went with “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” which did have some solid ties but I was thinking about the “The Genealogy of Morals.” I was thinking Dexter had a Master mentality which isn’t necessarily apart from God (or gods). It is more in an Aristocratic sense. It is more like a pre-christian Greek or Roman good, where Justice is immediate, it requires enemies and retribution is good. The judeo christian slave mentality requires restraint and deferred Justice. a higher power will judge, do not take justice into your own hands.

    Dexter being a master doesn’t make him amoral, he has a warrior’s morality. A warrior is justified by killing his enemies as Dexter kills the other killers. In our society his actions are wrong but outside of judeo christian values his killings would be considered good, he would be considered a hero in Ancient Greece.

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  2. Fitz,

    I see the slave mentality as a brilliant idea to control massive amounts of people. Tell people that they are living righteously and will be rewarded in the afterlife while the powerful people oppressing them are evil and will be punished in the afterlife. This justifies the imbalance of power.

    Dexter has physical and intellectual power, but he hides, and I’d say isn’t a person in power. He kills people who he has convinced himself meet his code and deserve to die. That’s his justification. This is why I like the beast of prey comparison. I think Nietzsche would say you cannot blame a lion for killing its prey, so you shouldn’t blame Dexter for killing the people who meet his code.

    I have no reason to believe Dexter cares about justice or retribution. He is selfish and manipulative. Warriors fight for their country, ideals, or even money. I’m not familiar with the term warrior mentality, but Dexter doesn’t fit a warrior. Dexter doesn’t have honor; he has a ritual.

    What to you think about that?


  3. You don’t have to be in power to have master mentality. You just need to take and do what you want. You are the greatest power and your will governs your actions. The warrior is a metaphor like the lion. You could call a outlaw biker a master. It is part of the foundation of existentialism. The self is first. Actually being a person in power is relative.

    I would say that Dexter is a master because everything he does is for his “self.” You and Drew mentioned that Dexter’s code could be what he thinks it should be and we are not certain of what Harry actually thought. Dexter is in complete control of his actions, his manipulations of the people around him, his stalking, his code, his ritual, it’s all a part of his will.

    A mercenary fights for money but his chooses that path. He has no loyalty to the people signing his check. His will governs where, when and if he fights. There is no honor in it, nor should there be and there is no higher power. He could be fighting for the money or maybe just to kill. Like Dexter his self is first.

    If the warrior fight for anything other than themselves they are not masters, they are the slave. The warrior who fights for country submits to a cause and is willing to self sacrifice is a slave. To a master self sacrifice would never be justified. Dexter would never turn himself in and didn’t at the cost of everyone around him.


  4. I’d say Dexter is an existentialist.

    And yeah i guess he has a master mentality. I’m not knowledgeable about Nietzsche, so I might have been using those terms a bit out of context.


  5. Yeah, you should read the genealogy of morals or beyond good and evil. They are both great reads, that is if you enjoy punishment. Or you could beat your head against a wall for a few hours, it’s about the same.


  6. I know Zayne fears the O Honest One. If she will not face me in trivia, I will accept a forfeit.


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