Episode #12 The Shield “Pilot”

The Shield “Pilot”

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the intense cop drama The Shield will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode

Show Notes

[0:56] Episode Intro & Announcements: If you haven’t yet, give us a review on iTunes and choose the next available pilot for us to over analyze and criticize.

[1:03] Background: Requested by Dilly, if you’re out there Dilly Dilly, halla! Jimbo and Drew had hard nostalgia boners while Mo was a first time viewer.

[3:55] Summary: An extremely crooked and effective cop, Vic Mackey, is the man around the precinct. He punks anyone who gets in his way, including the Captain (Aceveda) and a cocky detective (Dutch). Mackey uses excessive force, steals money, cheats on his wife, takes care of a prostitute and her son, solves a missing child case, and kills the newest member of his team who was a rat. Mackey is not a good cop or person, but it is clear that he gets the job done.

[4:32] High Points: Mo loved the strong female characters. Jimbo had a ton of high points but piggie backed on Mo’s high point by adding complex characters. Drew loved the non glamorized police work, and how the choppy camera work shifted the perspective and made the scenes more realistic.

[17:20] Low Points: Drew and Jimbo both hated the pedophile interrogation for different reasons.The gang had different views on how the show dealt with race and cop drama in LA.

[26:08] Crabman Award: Lamar stole the show, and will go down as one of the all-time great Crabmen!

[32:33] MVPs: Mo and Jimbo had to go Claudette all the way. Don’t fuck with her, unless you want some fresh shit in your desk. Drew also loved Claudette but found his MVP to be the workplace dynamics and interactions.

[41:10:] Dangling Threads: Mackey! The DT was all about Mackey being an anti-hero, and pretty terrible human being among the racial implications of the “white vigilante cop” versus “dumb criminals.” Mackey lead into the moral dilemma in the interrogation scenes and how Drew’s “24 effect” relates to the 2015 CIA war report. Jimbo’s and Mo’s ethical dilemmas.

[1:08:15] Watch or Rewatch: Strong rewatch appeal, especially with the promise from Jimbo of more Lamar to come.

[1:10:15] To Hoist or Not to Hoist?: Solid Not Hoist, the gang agreed that the Shield will be competing for the best pilot in next weeks’ special ranking episode.

[1:11:49] Petardar:

[1:15:10] Next Week: There will be a special ranking episode between Jimbo and Drew of the 12 pilot episodes from PnP. Click here to see our following weeks.

[1:15:45] Plugs: Pilots and Petards official closing music is an instrumental Entheos remix of Alive. Official ad background music mixed by Jake Drew. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or join our facebook group.

[1:18:07] Reviews: Ms. Nameles

Shop Talk 2.0: What could have been with Mo on the pre Mo episodes. Dilly Dilly. Friday Night Lights. Jimbo’s parents watching Dawson’s Creek. Brian’s shop talk love. The secrecy of the lost West Wing Pilot review. Must watch Kesha’s performance at the Grammy’s. And the very funny Skrillex Girl discussion.

19 thoughts on “Episode #12 The Shield “Pilot”

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  1. Listeners,

    A few comments I wish I had made during the show.

    The opening scene really captured the racial implications of the war on drugs. The young man running from the cops was selling weed. The show played very much on the racial stereotypes of criminals. The drug dealers were black and brown. The pedophiles were white. Overall, I think The Shield does an excellent job of capturing and dealing with racial issues. It would have been interesting to discuss this representation of the war on drug in this pilot episode with Drew and Mo. Because The Shield shows an example of how people of color are pursued aggressively for low level drug offenses.

    I’ll post my other ideas later. I’m too tired now.



  2. Thank you!

    I will edit those when I get home. I agree with the quality of the show and episodes. The characters are very well developed. I loved the antagonists throughout the show.



  3. VIA VHS,

    Thanks for stopping by our site. The Shield is very worth watching, especially the pilot. I’m sure you can find a VHS copy on Ebay or at a local Goodwill!


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  4. A comment about The Shield by 0 (that’s zero not to be confused with the letter o)

    When first watching the pilot of The Shield I was sure I was going hoist it. After I heard your podcast of The Shield I figured I must have missed something and rewatched the pilot. Now, I decided not hoist the show because I wanna see the 4th season. And come on, ditching school to binge watch The Shield, I thought Stank was more mature than that.

    Mackey is everything I despise in people. He lies, steals, cheats, and kills. Killing people, that I can live with, but I cannot support anyone who cheats on their spouse. He also uses terrible vulgar and offensive. Jimbo should censor him. I kind of agree with Drewbert that I would not want to have Mackey protecting my family and neighbors unless he apologized for being a mean guy and apologized to his wife for being unfaithful. I agree with the Stank I wouldn’t want any part of torture. Save yourself the trouble, I’d negotiate beer, cigarettes, and drugs to tell them whatever you want to know. So not to mix my reviews and comments up but if not for podcast I would not have continue watching The Shield, can’t wait to get season 4 might even cut school just to get there.

    High point. Mackey shooting new guy in the face. Another high point for 0, the way Mackey interrogates the pedophile. If you guys feel sorry for the way Mackey handles his interrogations, you don’t want to know how I would deal with pedophiles. Mackey has no code of ethics, no sympathy for law breakers, no morals or guilty conscience about his actions but his style of interrogation did save the the life of a 8 year old victim of a pedoohile.

    Low point, the poop in a drawer and ding dongs. Weak. And who’s going to pay the market people for ruining their produce by running on top of it, bastards. No respect for people’s property and how can a little bald fat man outrun a drug dealer?

    My Crabman and MVP award goes to Lamar.

    The reason why Mackey shot new guy in the face on strike team was because you can’t out con a con, Honest Jon the Con proved that, Mackey saw right through the new guy on the strike team, Terry was a dirty cop too. He didn’t care about justice, just his own personal advancement. He wanted the new job, more money, new car, and better place to live. Just a greedy bastard like Mackey. They make Terry not likable. I didn’t care when Mackey shot him in the face.

    Drewbert, Jimbo said you’re afraid to share your opinions with me. With all the wars I have fought and the trials and tribulation of my long life I have no feelings left to hurt, so speak your mind.

    0 (not to be confused with the letter o)
    p.s. any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental


  5. 0,

    It is interesting how you can despise Mackey so much, and have him be your high points. That is a great point about Terry, the rat, they make him come off lame so we as viewers are conflicted when Mackey shoots him.

    The difference between your take and ours on the torture scene is hindsight. Spoiler. In a future episode, Mackey tortures someone to death and says something like I guess he was telling the truth. That is the problem. If there was stronger proof that the guy had the girl it might be easier to ingest. Dutch nor the Captain had any solid evidence. The witnesses were very questionable as we discussed in our show.

    Nice reaponse! Keep them up



  6. A retraction and flip flopping by 0

    First I hoisted The Shield, then after your podcast you guys made it sound so good. So I watched it for a second time and decided not to hoist the show. Now after watching the 2nd and 3rd episode. I find show disgusting. I can no longer endorse The Shield.


    I mean Dutch kills the man’s babies, the language they use is vulgar and offensive, I don’ want my grandchildren listening to that kind of stuff. I really enjoy your podcast but I do not agree with you on a lot of things. Like killing the guys babies I still have nightmares it made my wife throw up and you insensitive hoisters find that entertaining? It’s an abomination.

    p.s. any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental


  7. 0,

    We do not condone the actions of characters on the shows we review. We judge the pilot episode solely, or try our best.



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