Episode #6: Supernatural “Pilot”

Supernatural: Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot

The podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join us today as we cast judgement and determine if the marathon running paranormal sensation Supernatural will be hoisted, or not hoisted: that is the question!

Cheat Sheet:

  • Petard = bomb
  • Hoist a pilot = bad episode
  • Not hoist a pilot = good episode
  • Crabless = not good

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Understanding Drew: Titular– naming something after an artistic work.

Show Notes

{1:30} Background: James never saw, nor knew anything about Supernatural. Drew was too busy watching Buffy, and therefore couldn’t free additional absurdity to squeeze Supernatural into his busy schedule. He knew the memes and pop references.

{2:10} Summary: Two stories: Finding Mary’s killer. Solving the Woman in White mystery.

{2:54} High Points: Suspense/Super Creepy. Women in White. Dad’s book/John. Show premise and storytelling lens for future episodes.

{9:50} Low Points: Logical inconsistency. Exposition dumps. Dean’s development.

{17:00} MVPs: Drew showed his distaste by giving his MVP to the Credit Card Scam. Jimo felt the Intro Backstory sold the audience to stick around for the pilot.

{20:28} Crabman Award: Supernatural is crabless.

{22:45} Dangling Threads of Interest: Women in refrigerators, Major Force kills Alexandra DeWitt by stuffing her into a refrigerator which forces a Green Lantern Plot.. Tests scores and the gateway to success. Vigilante Venn- the relationship between motivational forces: save a lot of people vs finding what killed their mom vs normalcy/personal life. Altruism, Revenge, Personal.

GreenLantern_02_300_8430Vig Venn 2

{33:50} Watch or Rewatch: No thanks.

{35:29} To Hoist or Not to Hoist?: Jimbo by a mouse pubic hair, not hoist. Drew strong hoist. By split decision, Hoist.

{37:41} Petardar:

{40:00} Next Week: X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

{40:30} Plugs: Insta/Twitter/Facebook/Website

{42:10} Shop Talk: The Last Jedi

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