Pre-recording Discussion for Episode #33: Dexter’s pilot titled “Dexter”

Yo hoisters!

Watch the pilot episode of Dexter titled “Dexter.” Then join us here on our blog to discuss and or share your thoughts. What are your highs, lows, crabman nominee, MVP, any dangling threads, or whatever else might be worth discussing on the podcast.

Recording today July 3rd. Comment now, or forever hold your breath!

Thank you Kier Gomes for the thoughtful review, and choosing the pilot “Dexter.”

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Jimbo out

8 thoughts on “Pre-recording Discussion for Episode #33: Dexter’s pilot titled “Dexter”

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  1. Despite the pathetic ending of this series, i will always love this show. Super stoked you guys are doing this one!


  2. Dexter’s code is interesting. His Father helped him develop an ethical system that is completely independent of society. His code a mix of Virtue ethics and a nietzschean Master morality. He is strong and takes what he wants, his will is his ultimate determining force. Dexter doesn’t submit to anyone. Dexter is beyond good or evil.

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  3. I can see why Drew doesn’t really like Dexter. He can’t see past his judeo christian morality. Drew needs to release his slave mentality and allow his primal desire to be warlike take over.


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